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Our Food Philosophy:
Our concept stems from the fact that we really don’t think it’s any fun to have 25 bites of the same thing.  We would rather try lots of different things, which is why we created a menu where the portions are on the smaller side, so you can have fun with ordering a bunch of different items. Our food lends itself to sharing, so please, make sure you like the people you are here with. People sometimes refer to our style of food as “tapas”, but we have a lot of medium and large-ish plates on our menu too, and tapas kind of refers to Spanish foods, which is only one of the many cuisines we sprinkle into our eclectic menu. We don’t really have a style of food – we just work hard to have a variety of dishes and we make sure they are all super delicious and of the very highest quality. For those of you with dietary restrictions, we are happy to make substitutions and are sensitive to our friends with Gluten intolerance – with 60% of our menu being gluten free. We also have the vegetarians covered, so don’t worry. Also, we’re just gonna come out and let you know up front that our menu changes every couple of months so you might not want to get too attached to anything. Except of course the things that we know our customers would basically riot over if we removed them from the menu – your server will point those out to you, we promise. Lastly, our restaurant is designed with an open kitchen so that you can feel free to come say hey to our chefs anytime you please, they love the attention and they love great feedback.

Our Wine Philosophy:
We think our wine makes our food taste better.  And we don’t think you have to spend a lot of money to have a great bottle of wine.  We think wine should be priced so that you can afford to drink it every night!  We know that you are probably familiar with California wines, and we will, of course, have many of those for you, but we want you to experiment with some of the other amazing wine regions we explore on our list.  We think food and wine are a match made in heaven, so we have pairing suggestions for every dish on our menu.  We think  you should be able to try lots of wines while you are here, so we offer wine flights and tastings of most of the wines on our list.  We think you’re going to love our wines, because we put a lot of effort into “handpicking” them for you (seriously – it’s a tough job, folks).  We also think you will love our wines so much that you’ll want to take some home, so we also offer retail pricing for every bottle on our list at 50% below the menu price.